October 17, 2020

Mapleton, Sunshine Coast

The Blackall100 is a qualifying event for the WSER 

(Western States Endurance Run)

and Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc   (4 ITRA points) 



This magnificent trail running ultra takes you across the Blackall Range on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, experiencing vibrant ferny forests, subtropical rainforest, tall eucalypt trees, picturesque waterfalls and quiet hinterland hamlets. With strong ties to the local Indigenous tribe, this unbeatable event is loved as much for its tough terrain as its traditions. Make this the year YOU ring the iconic Blackall Bell as you cross the finish line.


Interesting fact: The Blackall Range was a gathering place for Indigenous people for thousands of years. Find out more about their Bunya Feasts of dance, song and food.




Early Bird   1st March - 30th June  $350.00 

Standard    1st July - 16th Sept        $370.00

Late Entry  17th Sept - 12th Oct        $410.00


Early Bird    1st March - 30th June  $225.00

Standard     1st July - 16th Sept        $245.00

Late Entry   17th Sept - 12th Oct        $285.00

All finishers receive a Blackall Bell. 


  • A full refund will be offered if this event is cancelled due to COVID-19.         (less 3% third party registration charge and any credit card charges)

  • Other refunds will be subject to 10% admin charge + any merchandise pre-ordered against the entry

  • Refunds limited to 50% of entry fee beyond July 30th.

  • Refunds will not be permissible beyond September 9th

  • Flat fee of $50 will apply to all transfers (chargeable to the substitute participant).

  • Transfers permissible until 6th October.



Location: The Blackall100 (100k & 50k) starts and finishes at QCCC, 70 Obi Obi Rd, Mapleton. Sign-in and expo are also here.

Parking: Please park at the Mapleton Community Hall, 31 Obi Obi Rd, and follow the signs to Blackall100.

 Strictly no parking on QCCC grounds.  PARKING MAP

Friday 16th October, 2020

  • 3 pm – Accommodation open

  • 4 pm – Expo start

  • 4 pm – 7 pm Race sign-in (Sign-in will be closed for Welcome & Race Brief)

  • 7 pm – Welcome & Race Brief

  • 7.45pm – Sign-in open


If you do not sign-in before 8.30pm on Friday, you DO NOT RACE the following morning.

Saturday 17th October, 2020

  • ​​6:00 am – 100km start

  • 7:00 am – 50km start

Sunday 18th October, 2020

  • 10am – Presentations



Everyone who enters the Blackall100 (100km & 50km) will receive a special edition Blackall100 t-shirt.

Please use this chart to determine your size. Measurements are taken from seam to seam under the armpit.

Be sure to specify your correct size during race entry as there will be limited opportunity to make size changes or exchanges.

If you enter after 17th September, we can’t guarantee you will receive your specified size, as shirts are pre-ordered.



B50 Overview.png





There will be random gear checks and any item missing will need to be replaced before you can continue. Time penalties will also apply.

Mandatory Gear – 100km

  • Course Map (either a printed copy of the overall map or save a copy on your phone)

  • Mobile phone.

  • Race Bib - Your allocated bib, must be worn prominently on the front of the body and must be visible at all times.

  • Capacity for at least 1.5 litres of water

  • Hi visibility vest (see rule 18)* Australian Standard AS / NZS 4602:1999 –D/N Class –

  • Head lamp or similar

  • Compression bandage

Mandatory Gear – 50km

  • Course Map (either a printed copy of the overall map or save a copy on your phone)

  • Mobile phone.

  • Race Bib - Your allocated bib, must be worn prominently on the front of the body and must be visible at all times.

  • Capacity for at least 1.5 litres of water

  • Compression bandage

The following mandatory gear must also be carried from 3pm in the 50km event.

  • Hi visibility vest (see rule 18)* Australian Standard AS / NZS 4602:1999 –D/N Class –

  • Head lamp or similar

Recommended Gear 100km & 50km

  • Cup (There are NO cups at checkpoints. Run Queensland have a ‘no cups’ policy and should you require to use one at a checkpoint, you will need to bring your own.)

  • Insect repellent.

  • Bite and sting treatment.

  • Protective clothing (against sun, cold & wet) – may be added to the mandatory list depending on forecasts.

  • Space blanket.



Drop bags can be useful for extra food, gels, body lubricant, spare socks, clothing, batteries and spare headlamp etc.

There is a drop bag service for runners without a support crew. Runners may use a mixture of support crew at some checkpoints and the drop bag service at other checkpoints.

One drop bag per runner is permitted for each of the following locations


  • Checkpoint 2 (QCCC – Start/Finish) – 22.5km

  • Checkpoint 3 (Sam Kelly Rd) – 41km

  • Checkpoint 4 (Mapleton Day Use Area) – 63km & 92km

  • Checkpoint 5 (Cooloolabin Dam Day Use Area) – 74km


  • Checkpoint 2 (QCCC – Start/Finish)

  • Checkpoint 3 (Sam Kelly Rd) – 19km

  • Checkpoint 4 (Mapleton Day Use Area) – 42km

Checkpoint drop bags must be delivered to the designated drop bag area at registration on the Friday evening between 3pm and 8pm. It is the responsibility of the runner to ensure drop bags are placed into the correct area for the checkpoint.

Drop bags must be closable and SOFT (Woolworths/Coles Cool Bag is strongly recommended). Plastic bags/garbage bags and hard plastic boxes will not be accepted. Checkpoint drop bags must be less than 20 litres in volume and less than 10kg in weight.

All drop bags must be clearly marked with surname, race number and checkpoint number (CP2, CP3, CP4, CP5). Write on the drop bag with a permanent marker pen, no paper labels.

All checkpoint drop bags must be in by 8pm on the Friday evening.

At each drop bag location, checkpoint staff will line up drop bags in race number order. Only the runner can collect their drop bag at the drop bag locations.

Drop bags will be returned to the designated drop bag area at QCCC (Start/Finish) and be available to collect by 10am Sunday. It is the responsibility of runners to collect their drop bags. Any drop bags not collected will be disposed of.

Plastic bags will not be accepted.

This type of bag is acceptable.



Spectators are most welcome.

The event is staged from the QCCC Mapleton. This is the start and finish line for both events, as well as checkpoint 2 for the 100k event (22.5k into the race).

Parking for the Blackall100 is at the Mapleton Community Hall 31 Obi Obi Rd. Please follow instructions of the parking attendants.
From here it is a 400m (approx.) walk to the entrance of QCCC, 70 Obi Obi Rd. 

Please respect the local residents and do not park across driveways.

There will be live music, a coffee shop and food available near the start/finish area.


There is Strictly No Access to Checkpoint 1 at Kondalilla Falls for spectators. In the 100k event the first time you will see your runner will be at CP2 (22½ km).

Other areas to see your runners are:


CP3 (Sam Kelly Road) – Driving distance from QCCC to CP3 is 26.5km, approximate driving time 35 minutes.

From the entrance of QCCC turn left and head along Obi Obi Rd until you reach Eumundi-Kenilworth Rd. (approx. 19.5km)

Turn right. Follow Eumundi-Kenilworth Rd (approx.5km) and turn right onto Sam Kelly Rd (you will cross a cattle grid here). Sam Kelly Rd is a dirt road, please drive slowly and be aware of roaming cattle.

CP3 is approx. 2km along this road. Please park to the side of the road, do not park across any gateways. No parking beyond the CP or in the National Park.

CP4 (Mapleton Day Use Area)

Spectator vehicles will not be permitted at CP4 until after 9:00pm.

Access to CP4 will be provided by the free shuttle bus service. The service will run from the bus stop on Obi Obi Road, (adjacent to the QCCC opposite Wandoo Court) to CP4, from 9:00am every 15 minutes.

CP5 (Cooloolabin Dam Day Use Area) - 100km event.

There is no access to CP5 along Mapleton Forest Road (the road beyond CP4, Mapleton Day Use Area).

Driving distance from QCCC to CP5 is 28km, approximate driving time 35 - 40 minutes.

From the entrance of QCCC turn right on Obi Obi Rd, drive 800m to Montville-Mapleton Rd. Turn left at the intersection and drive towards Nambour on the Nambour-Mapleton Rd for approx. 12km. 

At the traffic lights turn left on to Nambour Connection road. Continue along this road for approx. 6km (you will be driving towards Yandina). Turn left at the traffic lights on to Old Gympie road, follow this road for 1km and it will join on to Cooloolabin road. Continue along Cooloolabin road for approx. 9km and you will come to the parking area for CP5.

Exercise Extreme Caution on Cooloolabin Road as there will be runners on this road from CP5 to Buckby Rd.

This Checkpoint can get congested at times. Strictly no parking at the checkpoint.

Please do not drive past the ‘No Crew or Spectator Vehicles Past this Point’ sign.

DO NOT park across private driveways or in such a way as to block traffic.



Run Queensland has exclusive use of the Mapleton QCCC, inclusive of all its facilities, over the Blackall100 race weekend (October 19th/21st).

Accommodation covers Friday afternoon through to Sunday morning and includes all meals.

There are a limited number of beds available so we advise to book early.

You can also hire a linen pack when you book your accommodation.


Single adult – $130.00          (large share rooms of 8.)

Single child (under 12) – $80.00 (large share rooms of 8.)

There are a limited number of 4 berth rooms. 

4 berth room with ensuite – $560.00   

4 berth room (share bathroom) – $520.00

7 berth room (share bathroom) – $840.00

8 berth room (share bathroom) – $960.00

Hire Linen Pack (2 sheets, blanket, towel, pillow and pillow case) – $45.00. If required,  this must be booked with accommodation by 7th October. 

To check out their fabulous facilities and more information http://www.qccc.org.au/discover-mapleton/






1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female will receive a custom made trophy.

All participants receive a Blackall100 shirt.

All finishers will receive a Blackall Bell.

First male & female  receive $1000.00

$500.00 to male & female if the record is broken (on the true course).

All finishers will receive a B100 buff,

  • Under 11hrs – Gold

  • Under 14hrs – Silver

  • Under 17hrs –Bronze

  • Under 20hrs – Green

  • Over 20hrs – Red


1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female will receive a custom made trophy.

All participants receive a Blackall100 shirt.

All finishers will receive a Blackall Bell.


Chasing the Sun

Blackall100 2018

Are you ready?

The Gatekeeper B100

We would like to thank our Blackall100 event partners and sponsors



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