How to run faster, be stronger, run longer, without burnout & injuries

With endurance athlete Lisa Tamati and coach Neil Wagstaff

Run   Qld  is a proud affiliate of inspirational endurance athlete Lisa Tamati who offers training packages with her business partner Neil Wagstaff, an exercise scientist and  qualified coach. Lisa has raced the world's toughest events, endured the highs and lows of ultra-running and battled personal hardships including divorce, financial ruin, losing two babies and bringing back her mum after brain damage. She  has pushed herself to the limit, never given up and is now using her running and life experiences to help others.

Lisa's Running Hot Coaching caters to everyone from the elite to beginners and offers advice and support from training to nutrition and lifestyle factors. Her holistic approach is a  welcome salve to runners struggling with injuries, needing motivation or who just aren't sure how to achieve their goals.  Having burnt out during her  own stellar era, Lisa takes a measured approach to training and  encourages  people to look after their whole being, rather than running themselves into the ground.  If you  want to train smart and and enjoy running for many more years, sign up to Lisa's extremely affordable online program.  

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Train smart, avoid junk miles, and  run  stronger than  ever

Have you just signed up to an event or maybe you are considering it?

You will want to make sure then that you get to the start line in the best shape possible?

Do you want to do a personal best?

Maybe you are absolute beginner with a giant goal and have no idea where to start?

Or perhaps you have a ton of races under your belt and have been running for years but are struggling with injuries and burnout, or you are struggling to fit in the old high mileage programs and need an efficient way to train?

If you want to smash your goal and push your limits using an holistic approach then we highly recommend you join the Running Hot program by pro ultra  runner Lisa Tamati and exercise scientist Neil Wagstaff.

The Running Hot Coaching Program is the online run coaching program that will have you running faster, longer, and stronger whilst avoiding burnout and injuries.

The platform, born out of a combined lifelong passion for running, and health  and fitness, combines real-world training strategies, cutting-edge science, and  training philosophies that have been perfected by Lisa and Neil over the past decade as coach and athlete.

By joining the Running Hot Coaching community you’ll be a part of a holistic training system that’s truly breaking new ground in it’s approach. Running Hot  Coaching runners (or 'Running Hotties' as they’re affectionately known) don’t overly expose themselves to injury, or spend unnecessary hours training a week by running “junk miles”, as the Running Hot Coaching system steers clear of the old traditional high mileage models. 

At Running Hot Coaching you’ll be getting the most out of your body in the shortest amount of time, and will be joining the hundreds of success stories from around the globe over the past decade.

You can join now with no risk on their free 7 day trial and check out how all their programs work.