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Glass House Standing
Back Yard Ultra
December 31st, 2024

Wild Horse Mountain, Sunshine Coast

Welcome to the second running of the Glasshouse Standing on the Sunshine Coast, and there's no more fitting location for this race, than the stunning Glasshouse Mountains.


Envision yourself in the starting Corral, at the base of Wild Horse Mountain, with the knowledge that you have the entire legacy of the Glasshouse Mountains behind you, providing unwavering support throughout your adventure.


Feel the exhilaration as you race against time to conquer the 6.7km loop within the hour. A new journey awaits, perched at the top of every hour. The stage is set, but only the strongest, the most resilient will remain.


The Glass House Mountains calls, standing tall as the jewel of the Sunshine Coast. Be part of this unique Backyard Ultra!!!!!

Three distinct challenges await, each testing your grit and determination:

  1. The ticking clock, relentless and unforgiving, as you strive to complete the loop within the hour.

  2. The race against time itself, as you must reach the start line before the next loop begins.

  3. The heart-wrenching decision to pull the pin, to withdraw from the event or head out for another loop and see how far you can go.

The ultimate triumph belongs to the Last One Standing, the sole victor to complete a loop on their own. The Glasshouse Standing is about more than just personal glory. It's about preserving the very essence of the Glasshouse Mountains.

Every step you take, every drop of sweat you shed, fuels the cause to “Save Our Glasshouse Mountains”. The profits from this race will be donated to this campaign, to halt the quarry expansion, protect the community, and safeguard the Glass House Mountains as a National treasure.

As the sun dips below the horizon on the 31st of December 2024, this extraordinary event will commence at 5 PM. It's not just a race; it's a journey into 2025, a chance to kickstart your New Year's resolutions and set a strong foundation for a championing cause.



Brett Standring



This event is staged at the base of Wild Horse Mountain in the Glasshouse Mountains, Sunshine Coast.

This is limited to 200.

Event Start:     5pm 31st December  

Cost:                 $180                    


Minimum Age Limits. 15yo

Any participants 18 years or under, will require a parent or guardian to be present at the event.



Refunds: Available until 16th December 2024 and will be subject to a $30.00 admin charge.

For refunds email

Transfers: There will be no transfers to another person or to another event.




Sunday 31st December

12 noon - Race check in and competitor/check point setup, Wild Horse Mountain Car Park.

You can drop your gear off at Wild Horse Car Park (Event Hub will have signage for this) and then park your car along Wild Horse road which is just outside the car park. No cars are to be parked in the Wild Horse Mountain car park. Each competitor has an allocated space of 3x3 metres (perfect for a pop up gazebo) and great space for your crew and family to wait for you.


4:50pm - Race Brief and final instructions.


5pm- Race Start


Race Finish- No Idea!!!!




The start of every loop.

  •  Each loop will start on the hour.

  • There will be a whistle blown each minute for the 3 minutes prior to the next lap commencing. ie, 3 blows (3 mins to start), 2 blows (2 mins to start), 1 blow (1 minute to start).

  •  Runners MUST be within the starting corral before the triangle is rung to start the next loop.

  • Any runner that is not in the starting corral when the triangle rings, will be disqualified.


The Loop.

  • Except for the use of the restroom, competitors may not leave the course at any point until the loop is complete.

  • Non-competitors are NOT allowed on the course, this includes withdrawn runners.

  • No personal aid. This includes anything from grabbing a drink bottle from someone to handing off some unwanted equipment. You must complete each loop with the same equipment that you left with, and you must not meet with crew on the course. This also includes medical intervention. If you require urgent medical assistance, please contact the RD, and this will be arranged, however, you will be disqualified if you receive medical aid on the course. First Aid will be available at the start/finish line if you need it.

  • Each loop must be completed within the hour to be counted, including the final loop.

  • No artificial aids. Runners are not allowed to use any equipment such as running poles that will assist them over others. 

  • Head torches are allowed, and are mandatory for any night loops.




  • The winner is the last person to complete a loop on their own.

  • All other runners are technically a DNF.

  • In the instance that the last person can't complete a loop on their own, there is not a tie, there is no winner.




Wild Horse Mountain is located just off the Bruce Highway, M1 Exit 171, adjacent to the Johnston Rd intersection.

From the South:

Take the Exit 171 (Johnston Rd).  Head up the ramp past the service station (on your left) before turning right, to cross the Bruce Highway (M1). Once across, continue about 50 metres along Johnston Rd before turning right onto Wild Horse Rd.  Park on the verge behind the first car you reach, as car park access is restricted to event crew and members of the general public.                                               

From the North:

Take Exit 171 (Johnston Rd). Head along the off-ramp before turning left onto Johnston Rd, continue for 50 metres before turning right onto Wild Horse Rd. Park on the verge behind the first car you reach, as car park access is restricted to event crew and members of the general public.                                                                                                                                









The course will be marked with reflective orange flagging tape (approx. every 150m). Directional arrows are red on a white background. These will be at intersections along the trail. Follow the direction of the arrow.

These red crosses will be at intersections, indicating this is NOT the course.

The course will be marked

  • Reflective orange and silver flagging tape.

  • Red arrows secured to trees or posts. Follow these arrows.

  • Red crosses secured on trees or posts, indicating this is not the course.

Please note: the course may change due to unforseen circumstances such as bush fires, flooding or harvesting.  Please follow all course markings on race day.  

If you are training on the course, do not enter any areas that are closed.

Updates will be posted on social media and/or web site if this occures.



Click here to get the Capra app.



Recommended Gear:

  • Water bottle or hydration pack.

  • Compression bandage.

  • Headlight or suitable torch. 

  • Mobile phone with these numbers for emergency contact.

    • Brett Standring 0447 711 232

    • Gavin Jackson 0417 007 960           

  • Sunscreen

  • Insect repellent

  • Bite and sting treatment



  • There are no support crews or spectators allowed on the course.

  • Support crews and spectators are allowed at the crew area only.

  • No vehicles are allowed in the crew area.

  • No crew or spectators are allowed in the starting corral.



All participants must ensure they read and understand this waiver prior to entering the event. It is an important document informing you of your legal rights and responsibilities. During online registration, you must tick a box to confirm you understand and accept these rights and responsibilities.

We would like to thank our event partners

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