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Sports drink tailored for you

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Do you want more carbs, less salt, a strong or weak flavour in your liquid nutrition? Sunshine Coast-based company Infinit tailors product to your desire.

Jason Cheshire reckons he has the best job because he gets to talk to athletes all day about nutrition.

You may have seen him at any of Run Qld’s events where the triathlete and owner of Infinit Nutrition Australia supplies on course nutrition at aid stations.

Infinit, based at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, is a family affair with his dad Clem making the product, and wife Rachael handling the administration.

Jason is the face of the business, dealing with customers, sponsored athletes, coaches and dieticians about their needs.

“We are the only company I know of that custom makes Sports Nutrition, so you can tell me what you want and we make it up for you,” says Jason.

“No matter which scenario you are going for I can make it up for you. You tell me the number you want for carbs and sodium and I can put it into a serve of Infinit.

“You take one serve per hour and that’s your nutrition plan. It’s all about simplifying nutrition.”

The team can also add caffeine (between 0 and 200mg ) and dial the flavour up or down to suit your taste.

They have eight flavours – lemon-lime, orange, fruit punch, pink lemonade, grape, salted caramel, mocha and chocolate – and the products contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

From humble beginnings, Jason says the business is taking off and they have 100 sponsored athletes, including this year’s UTA second place winner Ben Duffus.

Infinit also sponsors a wide array of events including Run Qld’s The Blackall 100, Rainbow Beach Marathon Festival and Beerwah @ Night, the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Marathons and all mountain biking events at Hidden Vale Adventure Park.

“The custom side is so exciting and I have not heard of anyone else doing it,” says Jason. Look out for Jason at The Blackall 100 in October. To find out more about Infinit visit

Infinit Nutrition Australia
Husband and wife owners of Infinit Nutrition Australia Jason and Rachel Cheshire.

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