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Get lean with these weight loss tricks

By Lisa Tamati - Running Hot Coaching

Weight loss tips -  We all want to be lean and mean and fit and able so here is something you get you started on the right track. 1.Cider vinegar first thing in the morning - couple of tablespoons in a glass of water.  2. Two glasses water as soon as you wake up ( not tap water) get filter or mineral water. 3.Get some iodine drops and put the stated dose in your morning water, many of us have a deficiency in iodine. 4. Hydrating the body  takes long time and  many people  are chronically dehydrated. It can  take months  or even longer for older adults to rehydrate on a deep cellular level- Water is responsible or contributes to millions of metabolic processes in body if its' dehydrated it  doesn't do  it as efficiently 5.High intensity interval training is most effective way to rip up -  proviso  though you must be healthy and have a base fitness,  get a medical clearance, do a full warm up. You will continue to burn calories and fat for the  next 36 hours after burn  but it must be hard out anaerobic. 6. Neat non exercise activity thermogenesis fancy way of saying be more active in your everyday work. Just hitting gym for an hour  isn't  as important as being overall more active throughout the day, get a standing desk at work, walk when on phone, if you are in a queue do muscle isolation exercises like squeezing your glutes and pulling your tummy in, take stairs instead of the lift,  do a stretching routine or mobility work when in front of the TV at night. Get in some extra housework and gardening, good ways to burn extra calories. In other words don't be lazy when you can do it the harder or more active way. 7. Mediation and deep breathing exercises help you  tap into your  parasympathetic nervous system and get out of fight or flight state many of us are in constantly with our stressful, busy lives. It helps the body get  into  the rest and digest state. It slows the  release of stress hormones which are often the cause of weight gain so don't dismiss yoga or Pilates or meditation as a major contributor to weight loss. You might be surprised how effective they are more effective than long slow cardio training. After  major expeditions for example I would initially lose a little but then  put on more  weight as the body was in panic mode, a very frustrating thing. 8.What you eat is more important than exercise,  exercise is crucial on many levels for health, muscle retention  and circulation, detoxification, bone density and much much more  e but you can't out exercises a bad diet. That doesn't mean you should ever starve. Starving or eating very little can actually lead to more weight gain as the body once again goes into conservation mode and the metabolism slows. Eat small meals but regularly. Meals that include all food groups including good fats. Avoid high sugar content food. 9. Start with cutting down on processed foods that are full of chemicals and preservatives.  Eat things that will give you good sustained energy not spike blood sugars then drop you and make you binge eat. 10. Greens should be added to every meal if possible  11. Avoid highly refined products go whole grain. that are low or exclude gluten.   12. Everyone could benefit from a big reduction in gluten in diet. Gluten permeates so many of our foods and leads often to digestive problems and weight gain.   13. Do everything you can to develop a healthy gut with lots of good bacteria. Take a probiotic supplement especially if you have recently been on antibiotics or had digestive issues.   14. Eat less pasta, white rice  and bread and eat more good quality proteins and good fats.  15. Good fats  like coconut oil, cold pressed olive oil, omega 3 fish oils, flaxseed oil and others are great in many ways. The body needs good fats to function properly you might even find your brain is sharper, now wouldn't that be great, your skin your hair and your nails could all benefit  as well as your joints and it makes you feel fuller for longer. 16.Alcohol is a major player in weight gain but if you cant resist a relaxing drink or two over summer choosing intelligently can help stop you piling on the weight.  17. Avoid beer as its like liquid bread packed with calories.  if must drink try chi spritzer made with stevia (available at supermarkets)  with vodka, or a low sugar variant of wine and limit your days intake to 2 to 3 drinks maximum if possible.  Make small changes in incremental stages. It is then much easier for us to sustain long term change. Rome wasn't built in a day be patient with yourself and just start on this journey and don't beat yourself up if you fall off the band wagon, its not what you do occasionally but what you do constantly that is important.  Take one or two things from this list I gave you and spend 30 days making that an ingrained habit then add more changes as you are ready. Overloading the brain with too much change at once, can make us panic or feel like it's all too much. Baby steps, baby steps but always moving forward in your journey. It doesn't matter how slow you go, forward is forward.

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